Well 2007 has arrived and now the class of "62" has been out for
			 45 years. Our school is gone, taken down to make room for a new modern 
			building. Some of our school mates we haven't seen since graduation. 
			The world as we know it will never be the same. All gone into our past.
			     Yes gone but not forgotten and what is nice about it is now we 
			can pick and choose our memories. We can choose to remember only the 
			good times, homecoming, prom night, our favorite class, or even our first 
			     If you have a copy of our yearbook, The Kalibre, you might 
			enjoy paging through it sometime soon. If you can't find it, mine is at the 
			DeKalb Library along with all the other past and present years.
			Enough of this for now.
			     Your reunion committee is hard at work making plans for the big 
			celebration. We have picked a date of Augest 11th, 2007 and it will be 
			at the South Point Center.    
			     We will be hard at work in the coming mounts working to make our
			45th reunion a memorable and joyful series of events for everyone.
			We are looking forward to seeing you all.


Here is a sneek prevue of your Invitation.


Your invatation will be in the mail soon.

Can you help out? If you are aware of the address of any classmate who has moved in the past 5 years,

please contact either of us listed below as soon as possible.

Bill Walter e-mail- or - Jean Montgomery Bjorn e-mail

We are very excited about getting to see you soon.
                                     Well Ta Ta for now. 
                                  Your Reunion Committee
                                     c /o Bill Walter 
Please let us know where you are at so we can keep in touch.